Friends, Fellow Residents, Ascension-ites:


Happy Tuesday!  This is your monthly Accession community update.  To see last month’s Apprise (and many other updates/community discussions) please sign up for our private Facebook group (you should have received an invite to this group yesterday).  We want this group to be like the Apprise, but in real time, and with all of your participation.  We really want it to be a way our community virtually connects.  You give us real time feedback, and we can improve the experience and community together.  We can also share fun updates, birthdays, any affinity groups that are forming and their schedules (jogging, biking, cooking).  Our mission is that together, we build a community that is truly something special.  We know we will do that through intentional service, relationship, and connecting our great community (ie you great folks).  Look forward to it.

You might remember that each Ascension Apprise has 3 sections:  


  1. Ascension Thoughts:  thoughts our staff is thinking about to help us be better leaders, servants, and people.  
  2. Resident Highlight:  We highlight one of our residents (with their permission)   
  3. Community Events/News:  Upcoming events, and other community news that are important to know and that make you glad to be here and in the loop.


Ascension Thoughts  


In thinking and working as a team how we improve our operation for our clients and customers (you!), we encounter obstacles and challenges every day.   This thought about “good” came up as we continue to push towards our vision for our mission (our customers thriving as a result of living here).   How do we deal with challenges, setbacks or failures? When Jocko Willink was asked this question, he said the answer is pretty simple.  It’s actually so simple, it’s one word. “Good”.  Jocko spent 20 years as a Navy SEAL.


Needless to say, this dude has had his share of challenging times, setbacks, and failures in the most extreme and ultimate of circumstances.  However, when any member of his team comes to him with a major issue, they always know they will get a one word answer that couldn’t be more genuine and serious.  Jocko is the furthest thing from a “just think happy thoughts”  kind of guy.  He knows something very true and at the deepest level.  When something bad happens, there is always good that can come from it if we are seeing clearly.


  • Feel disrespected/unappreciated by your coworker or boss?  Good, you can learn humility and character in how you respond.
  • Got fired or laid off?  Good, now you can start the company you have always wanted to start.
  • Your company didn’t get the investment?  Good, you can maintain more control and ownership.
  • Sick and can’t get out of bed?  Good, your body can get much needed rest.
  • Got beat by your competitor?  Good, you can learn and improve so you don’t get beat next time.
  • Didn’t get the position?  Good, more time to get better so you are ready when time comes.


So we failed?  Good.  We let ourselves down?  Good.  Oil prices are going down?  Good.   We have challenges facing us towards a great goal?  Good.


Every problem is an opportunity.  We want to learn to say “good” in the face of problems.   It will greatly benefit our families, our coworkers and ourselves.  And if we still lack the desire to say “good” in face of problems, we try to remember this truth that Jocko knows all too well:  If we can just say the word “Good”,….it means we are still alive.  What more could we ask for?    So we want to  et a healthy dose of gratitude for the air we breathe, dust ourselves off, and find the opportunity in the adversity.  Nothing could be more good for all we hope to accomplish and hope to become.


Value Add Follow up:  For more on Jocko, he also happens to be a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, leads a leadership consulting firm called Echelon Front and recently co-wrote one of the best leadership books of the new year Extreme Ownership.


Resident Highlight


  • JR and Dyan Gibbens:  Those of us who know Dyan and JR, know the last thing they want is our lauding and attention.  They started a company that is now a leader in the drone space for providing important service to energy companies.  They have received a lot of attention for their success, and Dyan has received lots of national attention because of her position as a role model for minority women run entrepreneurs.    They lease one of the corporate office units and are considering moving to Ascension in July as residents as well.  They also have employees who are looking to become residents at Ascension. Recently Dyan was called to visit the White House and was be honored as one Houston’s 40 under 40.   That said, I thought I would ask of this group an even more important request and effort:  Your encouragement.  They are in a critical time in the life on their company and family.  They have significant opportunities to decide upon that will require wisdom and discernment.  They don’t take these opportunities and responsibilities lightly and I want them to know we have their back in every way.  I know that the encouragement from this community will strengthen them and their son and daughter (who are incredible!), for the path ahead.


Community Update


  • Water Bill:  As many of you know, you will receive your water bill for March utilization for this upcoming pay period (April).  This will be based on your water usage from each month of living here plus a 9% charge (charge is for the administration of the billing).  Just wanted to give you a heads up.  Let us know if you have any questions.

  • Alarm Update:  Our staff and team have been very intentional to prevent any unintended alarms.  We have gone through and made sure every reading machine is correctly calibrated and we now have a more streamlined process to stop alarms once they are set off.  We do regualr    Just wanted to update you and as always let us know if you have any questions.


Community Events


  • Casino and Dueling Piano Night – 4/29 (6:00 PM to 10:00 PM): Hope you recived our note yesterday.  This will be a blast!  Each of you will receive a complimentary free ticket.  If you have a guest, let me know as spots are limited.  

  • Pop Up Yoga/Breakfast – 5/13 (8:00 AM to 10 AM):  Yoga will be led by an awesome instructor and will be followed by a delicious/healthy breakfast and an optional mimosa or two.  


Like we always say, we want you to feel ownership of this community and environment. If you have any recommendations on how to make us an environment where we all thrive more together, our team has our doors (and our ears) wide open.   


Thank you as always our friends, neighbors, and customers.


Your Ascension Team