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Ascension Apprise – April

Posted by AOTB Admin

Friends, Fellow Residents, Ascension-ites:


Happy Tuesday!  This is your monthly Accession community update.  To see last month’s Apprise (and many other updates/community discussions) please sign up for our private Facebook group (you should have received an invite to this group yesterday).  We want this group to be like the Apprise, but in real time, and with all of your participation.  We really want it to be a way our community virtually connects.  You give us real time feedback, and we can improve the experience and community together.  We can also share fun updates, birthdays, any affinity groups that are forming and their schedules (jogging, biking, cooking).  Our mission is that together, we build a community that is truly something special.  We know we will do that through intentional service, relationship, and connecting our great community (ie you great folks).  Look forward to it.

You might remember that each Ascension Apprise has 3 sections:  


  1. Ascension Thoughts:  thoughts our staff is thinking about to help us be better leaders, servants, and people.  
  2. Resident Highlight:  We highlight one of our residents (with their permission)   
  3. Community Events/News:  Upcoming events, and other community news that are important to know and that make you glad to be here and in the loop.


Ascension Thoughts  


In thinking and working as a team how we improve our operation for our clients and customers (you!), we encounter obstacles and challenges every day.   This thought about “good” came up as we continue to push towards our vision for our mission (our customers thriving as a result of living here).   How do we deal with challenges, setbacks or failures? When Jocko Willink was asked this question, he said the answer is pretty simple.  It’s actually so simple, it’s one word. “Good”.  Jocko spent 20 years as a Navy SEAL.


Needless to say, this dude has had his share of challenging times, setbacks, and failures in the most extreme and ultimate of circumstances.  However, when any member of his team comes to him with a major issue, they always know they will get a one word answer that couldn’t be more genuine and serious.  Jocko is the furthest thing from a “just think happy thoughts”  kind of guy.  He knows something very true and at the deepest level.  When something bad happens, there is always good that can come from it if we are seeing clearly.



So we failed?  Good.  We let ourselves down?  Good.  Oil prices are going down?  Good.   We have challenges facing us towards a great goal?  Good.


Every problem is an opportunity.  We want to learn to say “good” in the face of problems.   It will greatly benefit our families, our coworkers and ourselves.  And if we still lack the desire to say “good” in face of problems, we try to remember this truth that Jocko knows all too well:  If we can just say the word “Good”,….it means we are still alive.  What more could we ask for?    So we want to  et a healthy dose of gratitude for the air we breathe, dust ourselves off, and find the opportunity in the adversity.  Nothing could be more good for all we hope to accomplish and hope to become.


Value Add Follow up:  For more on Jocko, he also happens to be a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, leads a leadership consulting firm called Echelon Front and recently co-wrote one of the best leadership books of the new year Extreme Ownership.


Resident Highlight



Community Update



Community Events



Like we always say, we want you to feel ownership of this community and environment. If you have any recommendations on how to make us an environment where we all thrive more together, our team has our doors (and our ears) wide open.   


Thank you as always our friends, neighbors, and customers.


Your Ascension Team

The Ascension Apprise – March

Posted by AOTB Admin

Friends, Fellow Residents, Party People, Ascension-ites:

Happy Sunday!  This is the first, the inaugural, the eminent Accession community update! (Hold for applause).

We will send this newsletter every month to let you know what is going on in the life of our community and to tell you how awesome you are.  Now you must know, this is not your typical apartment newsletter.  You know the one I am referring to.  The one that is written by a guy named “Frank” who is not part of the staff but lives in another state. The one that gets stuck in your SPAM account.  The one that has your name at the top to make the letter seem personal and not automated.  The one that is about as interesting as tax audit from the IRS.  The one that is insta -delete.

Well, sorry “Frank”! This is an email newsletter with heart, soul, and  grammatical/spelling errors.  A newsletter with one ultimate intent, (which happens to be the same intent of Ascension On The Bayou): To make your life better.  This Is. The. Ascension. Apprise.  (Hold again for applause).  Each Ascension Apprise will be short, sweet, and has 3 sections:

  1. Ascension Thoughts:  thoughts our staff is thinking about to help us be better leaders, servants, and people.
  2. Resident Highlight:  We (with permission from said resident all-star) highlight one of our residents.  Who you are, what you do, why it is great you are here for the community (your special set of skills).
  3. Community Events/News:  Upcoming events, and other community news that make you glad to be here and in the loop.

So without further Adieu:

Ascension Thoughts

This week we are thinking about gratitude.  I recently listened to the latest episode of the Freakonomics podcasts entitled Why Is My Life So Hard?  .  In the podcast, Steven Dubner interviews academic psychologists Tom Gilovich and Shai Davidai to find out why it’s so easy for us to feel that life has made things harder for us than it has for other people.  There is a hilarious video from comedian Louis C.K. that illustrates brilliantly how we so easily sabotage our gratitude: “Everything is amazing and no one cares ” .  How quickly we can think the world owes us something that literally was a gift to us just a second before!   So what can we do to increase our gratitude?  A little while back I wrote this article How to Increase your Gratitude which highlights what I call the Gratitude Equation (G = H – E).  Where  gratitude (“G”) equals what we actually have (“H”) minus what we think we are entitled to (“E”) . The higher our view on what we actually are in possession of and the lower the view of what we think we deserve, the more gratitude flows in our life. The secret is perspective. To know that everything is a gift (even the air we breath!). Each of us just by being able to read this email, with the extra time, and on whichever device we happen to have, have far more to appreciate and more gifts to realize than we probably acknowledge. I can speak for myself as a culprit here! But why should we even care to be grateful?

Well for starters, the scientific and practical benefits of gratitude are endless. Freakonomics mentions a few, including longer life, less hospital visits, and more productive days. As a staff we try and start our team meetings with 3 gratitudes. We get specific and think about these things we are grateful for. We find it is very difficult to have fear and anxiety when we have gratitude. This helps us accomplish things more effectively while it reduces our stress. Am I saying to fake it and just be “happy go lucky”? Certainly not. We all are going to walk through very real and hard times. If anything proper perspective on what we have and what we deserve properly prepares us for these times and helps us separate comparison or entitlement from true difficulty that we are sure to face. But intentional practices of gratitude just may make us a little more resilient and posses a buoyant joy that is hard to sink even in hard times. And make us happier and healthier in the other times. No matter what the result for you, our hope is this place and environment leads to more gratitude for you. (And that we can watch lots of Louis CK together– he is hilarious!)

Resident Highlight

Normally we would highlight one specific person here but we have a cool short video that will be part of a larger video we do to tell the story of Ascension through the heroes of the story: our residents.  This is a brief sneak preview with some incredible members of our community (Sue, Alex & Lia, and Brenda).  Enjoy:

Community Events/News

Yoga/Breakfast:  be on the lookout for a yoga and breakfast!  We are finalizing details and will send date soon.   Yoga will be led by an awesome instructor and will be followed by a delicious/healthy breakfast and an optional mimosa or two. Will be upcoming Saturday morning.  

Save the Date for evening of 4/29: more details to come but each of you are invite to a fantastic event that is being hosted at Ascension the evening of 4/29.  Tickets are free for Ascension residents ($100 to the invite only guests).  This is an annual gala for friends of our community Family Point and is a casino night. Will be a live band, table games, and lots of fun for all.  

March Madness: you may have noticed but our auditorium screen in the main entrance will be playing the games during our business hours.  Please feel free to come and watch with us anytime.  One of our architects and owners in a Michigan Wolverine.  They are

Looked strong against Louisville! Go big Blue!

Your community: we want you to feel ownership of this community and environment. If you have any recommendations on how to make us an environment where we all thrive more together our team has our doors (and our ears) wide open.  

There are many benefits of this pride and ownership.  One such is our safety.  We will have an incredibly safe community because of how much we are all talking to each other and how much you are communicating with management on anything that seems out of place.    The most thriving community is one where we are all connected and we can look out for one another to make the experience better for all.  We are grateful each of you are a part of it and please know you have such important ownership and influence on just how great this community becomes.

And that’s it! Please be on the lookout for an invite to our private Facebook group which will have a lot more real-time community announcements and connectivity.

Thank you as always our friends.

Very Sincerely,

Your Ascension on the Bayou Team