Intentionally Different

Many people find that searching for an apartment community is a very stressful experience. There is uncertainty with the large variety of options and it is difficult to determine if one is getting a good value or a fair deal. Decisions are generally not made from personal connection or trust. Most people end up being indifferent to their experience at the apartment they choose to live, and are disappointed with what is promised versus what is actually delivered.

We exist to transform this experience and create flourishing for our residents.

Value at Ascensionvalue-equation

We believe what residents receive in their experience, place, and culture can be so much more than what is currently offered in the market.

We have a core conviction to increase value to our residents by delivering more than what the other options are providing for the same cost. “What is received” is mostly standard in high-end apartments. It is also fixed. Cost, or rental rates, is set by the market but often does not change what is received.

We have taken a different approach. Our price is intentionally and clearly set monthly to the same price as the best options in the market. No more. No less. We have a simple goal: provide our residents more for the same cost of the best alternatives. We are committed to being the option where residents receive the most value. This is one way we create more flourishing for the residents of our 280 units.


Your Team

Taylor Fox
Director of Leasing

Cultivator of the Ascension and WorkFlourish resident and member community.

Aubrey Larremore
Director of Operations

Organizes and leads the groups, events, and value creating practices of the Ascension community.

Trevor Hightower
Community Leader

Servant leader committed to organizing and leading the Ascension team for the well being and flourishing of every resident and member.


Our No-Commision Policy

Traditionally, leasing agents of apartments receive commissions for signing a lease with a tenant. We have decided to change this to better align us with our residents and their flourishing. Our Community Leader, Director of Recruiting, and other team members do not receive commissions. Rather, all your staff receives a bonus based on the score of a bi-annual Awesomeness Report: a simple survey that asks a few questions to determine if you are thriving in the categories of your place, culture, and experience. While individual responses are anonymous, we make the total score public as another way to celebrate ongoing success of our mission or know to make changes and improvements based on concrete feedback. We are very clear on who we are serving and what success looks like. As a team of leaders we have one common objective: to see your flourish. And we love our job.


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